Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun with Illustrator

Some concepts completed in Illustrator. I really like using Illustrator, it's all like "whoooo" and I'm like "yeeeeah!".

^A band poster for one of my favorite bands, Zeigeist. Unfortunately they split up after making one cd. D: Fun-fact: The Greek Cuisina is defunct too. I set Zeigest in there as an ode to great things that no longer exist. I had my 21st b-day there.

Now I am working on an energy drink can/box design. It's called Rapid Stab and it is hip-hop and graffiti based. RAPIDSTABRAPIDSTAB sorry, I like saying it.

Sketch Pages 21- Location Sketches

I've taken the "Daily" part out of my titles since that doesn't appear to be happening. I'll try to post something at least twice a week. Although I am trying to hit every day again.

It's difficult keeping up motivation. As a student, it's easy to be lax about drawing everyday, even though this is a critical time where I SHOULD be drawing everyday. Every little bit of practice will help me get a job. Hopefully :)

I've been following my friends around to their location drawing class. Last week we drew on NW 23. Allyson and I ninja'd our way into a hospital and drew the city scape from the skybridge.

Then we traveled to a beautiful church a couple blocks away. Oh, the lighting was just perfect. I attempted making a cohesive design with harsh sharpie blacks and soft pencil tones. Still needs some work.

Yesterday we went to the Evergreen Aviation Museum!!! WOO! Thanks, Lee, thanks, Allypoo.

There were tanks outside. Yes. Tanks.
So happy.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Daily Sketch Page 20- Cars and El Pood

Doodling while hanging with friends <3

Friday, August 6, 2010

Daily Sketch Page 19- LizARRd

So I forgot to put up my daily sketches for the past few days (months). It's the thought that counts right? :D

/wall-eyed derp

Yesterday's daily sketch was Lizards! I want to work more on my dragon story so I need me some reference. Oh and I drew part of the Hawthorne bridge and some bug-things. I like bug-things.