Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Lonely" aka "Shadow and Beast" - FINISHED

It's fiiiinally done.  But hey,  I FINISHED A THING.  Even if it took about a billion years, I can be happy with that.  

I still dont have a title for this... titles are difficult.  Right now it is called "Lonely".

The painting was based off of a an un-finished concept from January 2010.  It changed quite a bit but some elements remained.  (it makes me feel a bit better about my art progression, seeing them next to each other, too)

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Trying out some paint ideas.

I've been on a huge Drakengard kick lately.  It's a very weird, very cool game with DRAGONS with crazy horns and tails.  I like it a lot. :)

I'm listening to the NieR (Drakengard's successor) soundtrack right now and trying not to cry because it is beautiful.  Seriously, go listen to it.

Sketch Pages 910 - 916

Hello!  I was in San Antonio for a while visiting my folks but I managed to find some to draw a few pages!