Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sketch Pages 329-331


I was feeling down about how my drawing skills are not at the place I want them to be and then I drew derple dance cat.


Derple dance cat totally has a crush on Lily, Jillian. I can picture him awkwardly dancing around her.

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  1. Derple Dance Cat and Lily should go on a date. WE MUST DRAW IT. <3 (And then he can have a cameo appearance in Brainsick, bwaha!)

    I get the same feeling every once in a while, that my drawing level is not where I'd like it to be. But then I remind myself: hey, I've kept up at least one or two pages a day for quite a long time, and all those pages - no matter how frequently they come - count towards something. Your studies absolutely count toward bettering yourself as an artist, so keep it up, Camille! Updates on your blog always make me smile.