Friday, May 13, 2011

Sketch Pages 342-344

More of Mr. Chicken-elder-man. I just need to color him and he will be dooone.

And I worked more on Offering (he is an important character in a story that has been struggling to come out of my brainmeats).


I was going to make a finished linework of Offering, and I most likely will do so later, but for right now I really like this crappy five minute sketch. It addresses Offering's nature better than I can, at the moment. He is rotting, demented, strength.


I may be over-estimating myself again... But eventually I would like to take this story and make a motion comic with it. The style would switch back and forth between tight pen and ink drawings and painterly photoshop pieces, depending on the emotions of the characters at the time. I want to make something new while maintaining the feeling that the story is an old process coming to life again.

and some studies

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