Friday, March 9, 2012

Sketchbook Cover 7

 New sketchbook cover!  This one went in a completely different direction than I had intended (dem kitten stickers).  I wanted to do more and make it this big creature collage but.. what can I say, I'm going through a slump right now.  Don't have much confidence.

That little badger-whatever is a recolored Creature Coby .  Man, I recently found the Creatures and I adore them.  I'd like to do a horribly realistic picture of Horse-headed Sp00n at some point.  Stupid scanner blew out Coby's lil pink nose, ears, and paws. :C

The kittens were a last minute addition IF YOU CAN'T TELL :U.  I feel so shitty lately about my artwork that this was my "rebellion": mu-fudgin' kittens.
And on the back?  MUSCLES THE BEAR.

hmm I guess I can't link anything in code on blogspot so here are a couple of links for Creature Coby and Sp00n:

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