Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sketch Pages 694 - 700!

 FINALLY HIT 700!  FWEEEEE!! (pretend that was a noise maker).
Colored up one of my characters with Prismacolor pencils.  This took so much longer than I had anticipated.  Originally it was going to be a quick paint-over but I kinda went crazy with it.  Too bad I made the picture on crummy sketchbook paper. :\

I've been going through old sketchbooks and drawing some characters.  I realize that I need to do more life drawing so I think I'll work on that for some odd pages.  Oh and Photoshop studies, of course!  I REALLY want to reach my goal!  I only have four days left so I better hurry up!

7 out of 20 sketchbook pages
2 out of 10 colored pieces

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