Monday, December 28, 2015

Sketch Pages 995 - 1000 - Time for the Great Tumblr Exodus

That's all folks!  I'm continuing this blog over here:

Blogspot was a good way to get started and I think I've come a long way from where I started.  Thanks to everyone that has stuck with it for so long and I hope to see you later!  Ciao

(i fudged the number in the title a little bit so the blog could be started on 1001... shh dont tell anyone)


  1. Wow... I mean... Wow! I just stumbled across your blog/art/work ans could not stop looking at your pictures. Great Work, btw this is my first blogspot comment ever, but i had to. Have a great Day. Greetz from Germany :)

    1. Oh my! Thank you so much! I'm sorry for not responding much, much earlier, but I truly appreciate your support. :) If you see this, I hope you have a great day, as well

  2. I love your queen bee... it's great ! Stay encouraged.