Friday, September 10, 2010

Sketch Page 23

"A sketchbook is where you try to connect your heart with your hand."

My interpretation of that idea is that an artist should draw, learn, enjoy. Open up new ideas and always explore. A sketchbook is not a place for worry.

This may seem like a trivial, "no-duh" moment, however I have really been down in the dumps lately art-wise. There is so much stress to be better. GrowgrowGROW. Especially as a student that is majoring in a highly competitive field. So much stress that I have started to forget that I loved drawing. I would draw every single day during high school and now it's a struggle just to look at my sketchbook.

Well, now I need to get past that. Sure I need to get better but I can also have fun. A sketchbook is yours and yours alone; don't let it frighten you, it is your bff.

Unfortunately, when I open my heart to my sketchbook THAT comes out ^ haha

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