Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sketch Pages 242-244

For this page I took some of my old quick ref'd studies of animals, found the ones with nice silhouettes, and made new critters.
This is a really great way to come up with ideas fast. I have the tendency to worry about poses when I'm doing thumbnails much more than paying attention to design.
In my History of Film class we watched The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.
omg. that movie. omg
I think I'm in love.
The movie has so many elements that I love: the sets are amazingly painted and have unsettling angles, the lighting is beautiful, and the actors have such great expressive faces.
I can honestly say that I was more creeped out by this film than by any horror film that I've watched in the last five years.

Aaaand I'm in a Pokemon phase again. :P
I like doing finished oil pastel paintings with creepy eyes so here is an idea for charizard.
Oh and I just realized that I should have put "who's" instead of "hows"...
Eh, it's next to derpizard. It works.

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