Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sketch Pages 296-298

YES. I'm so close to page 300! I wanted to be further along than this by now but this school term occupied a lot of my time. That and I always underestimate just had far down my mood falls during winter.
I'm not a grey-sky kind of person. Too bad I live in the NW!
Anywho, FINALS ARE OVER, PRAISE BABY CHEESUS. I can draw whatever I want again!! So, of course, animals and stupid things.
During this school term (thanks to Lee's class), I've really enjoyed drawing in sharpie. I guess the sharpie mindset has rubbed off on how I like to draw lines because now I get frustrated with my sketchiness. I got annoyed with the bird-thing below so I started drawing other critters with minimal line. It was very relaxing. Sure, a lot of it is crap but I think some good things came out of these pages.

I should hit page 300 tomorrow. HRRRRRRRNG


  1. I like how well you picked apart the shape language/style of the individual dog breeds and simplified them! You inspired me to maybe to some doggy sketches later tonight!