Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sketch Pages 305-310



  1. Herpderp all you want - these are great. <3 I feel all inspired to do some quick figure studies ('cause I haven't since, you know... Lee's class).

    Aaand you may not care to hear it, but I LOVE those little watercolors. I could give you some pointers I learned at Lee's watercolor workshop sometime if you'd like! I'm drawn to the crispness of the dog-critter with green eye fumes.

  2. yeah! They're are all 2 min sketches from pixelovely, if you want to try it out. I feel so much more comfortable drawing people now. And I can really tell the diff between pre-Lee's class and this stuff.

    I would appreciate pointers so much. I'm flying blind lol. The dog thing is actually cut paper on watercolor. I'm glad you like it!

  3. DUDE. DUUUUDE. I did some sketches off pixelovely last night (technically super-early this morning), both humans and animals - EIGHT PAGES. 0___o

    I'm going to continue soon with more sketches. Thank you so much for pointing that site out to me!

    (I went crazy and downloaded over 100 of Marcus J. Ranum's figure photos; he's the same photographer you got the "Death Rides a Tricycle" image from!)

    Oh sweet, the cutout and watercolor mix is beautiful. <3 As for some pointers to start out with: one of the most important is to work light-to-dark. Lee had us create thumbnails of where the lightest colors would be, followed by the mid tones, and finally the darks. Easier for me to show than explain, but we could bust out some watercolors and work together to make AWESOME.

    AND: This is Fever Ray's "The Wolf,", from that silly recent Red Riding Hood. SO GORGEOUS.